COVID-19 Updates

Due to concerns about the spread of novel virus COVID-19, we are implementing new protocols at Catalyst Massage to ensure the safety of both therapist and clients. This list is not exhaustive, but it details a majority of the steps we are taking to keep both you and your therapist safe. Please read through it carefully prior to your appointment, and reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

At your appointment:​

  • All clients are required to wear masks during intake/outtake and while supine on the treatment table. While laying prone, clients may move their mask down under their chin for comfort.

  • Clients will be required to use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the building, and before exiting.

  • Clients are to arrive no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled appointment time, and should wait outside until their therapist lets them into the building.

  • Conversation should be kept to a minimum during sessions, though clients are still encouraged to let their therapist know if they are uncomfortable in any way, need more pressure, less pressure, etc.

  • Clients should cancel or re-schedule their session if they are feeling AT ALL unwell. If any client shows up to their appointment coughing or sniffling, they will be asked to leave without receiving treatment.

  • Cancellation fees are waived for illness at this time, so don't hesitate to re-schedule.

  • Clients should fill out the Covid-19 screening questions that will be e-mailed to them 24 hours before their appointment, and send their responses back promptly.

  • Clients should try to leave personal belongings at home or in their vehicles - only bring the necessities.

  • If possible, use touchless payments, such as Venmo or Paypal

Behind the Scenes:

  • Your therapist will keep all clean, unused linens in a closed rubbermaid container stored in a separate room, and will only take out one set of table sheets at a time to avoid any contamination.

  • Used linens are immediately bagged and stored in another, separate, closed rubbermaid container, and stored in a separate room.

  • Fresh sheets, face cradle covers, pillow cases, and blankets are used for every client.

  • Therapist will double-wash all used linens in hot water, then they will once again be stored in a sanitized, closed rubbermaid container.

  • Therapist will wear a new cloth mask with EACH client.

  • Therapist will wear a face shield in addition to a mask while client is supine.

  • Therapist will sanitize all touched surfaces between clients - doorknobs, bathroom, tables, countertops, etc.

  • Therapist will wear a vinyl apron to protect their clothing during sessions, which will be sanitized between clients.

  • Therapist will open up front doors to air out rooms between clients. Front door will be locked during sessions, and the treatment room door will be left open to maximize air flow.

  • Treatment room is equipped with a fan and a HEPA air filter to keep air circulating.

We are taking these measures to decrease risk of transmission of Covid-19, but clients should be aware that there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of exposure. Each interaction poses some risk, and clients should evaluate their own comfort level. Those who are elderly, immunocompromised, or have other health issues are most at risk, but anyone can get sick. We ask that you do your own research and weigh the pros and cons. And please reach out if you have any questions! Stay safe.